Wind Power HR and Talent Management

Forum, 9-10 October 2012, Hamburg, Germany

Sourcing, Developing and Retaining Top Quality Talent for the Wind Industry


10 October
9 October
9 October
08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee
09.15 Chair’s Opening Remarks
Gary Robinson Group HR Director Renewable Energy Systems Ltd
09.25 HR Challenges In The Wind Industry & Overcoming Them In The Future

  • How have HR needs and methods changed in recent years?
    industry growth
    wind sector versus other energy sectors
    onshore versus offshore
    policy changes
  • Best practice for recruiting suitable candidates quickly and efficiently
  • Ensuring internal HR and recruitment policies and account for both short-term and long-term needs
  • How to balance the role of recruitment teams and HR teams
Ana Pedrosa Head of HR Europe EDP Renewables
10.05 Determining How Resources Should Be Spent To Minimise The Costs of Recruitment RECRUITMENT

  • Evaluation of costs involved in recruitment
  • Cost-efficient ways to maximise return from your budget
    reallocation of resources internally and externally
    effectively manage salary negotiations
Michael Spiers Head of HR Nuclear & Renewables Centrica
10.45 Morning Refreshments
11.15 Strategic Recruitment Partnerships - Delivering Cost Savings, Process Improvement & Better Quality Candidates

  • What are the benefits of RPO & MSP?
  • Assessing the critical link between recruitment & the talent lifecycle
  • Case study examples of how this approach has worked
  • What are the next steps for recruitment partnerships?
    o  diagnose

    o  design

    o  implement

    o  improve
Trevor Parsons Director En-Spiral
12.00 How To Get The Attention Of The Best Candidates (And Then How To Get The Best Out Of Them)
  • The who, where, what and how of candidate attraction
  • The psychology of candidate attraction
  • Employer Branding in context
  • From attraction to retention and engagement
Gary Robinson Group HR Director Renewable Energy Systems Ltd
12.45 Networking Lunch
13.45 Deciding Between Recruitment Channels – How To Attract The Right Candidate By Role

With multiple recruitment channels to choose from, this case study will address questions including:

  • Which channels have performed the best & why?
    - job boards
    - press
    - career fairs
    - publications
    - agencies
    - word of mouth
    - in-house
  • Which sources attracted candidates with specific levels of experience?
  • What are the most efficient channels for finding passive candidates?
  • Strategies for deciding which combination of recruitment channels will fulfil your individual company’s needs
  • To what extent should the way vacancies are advertised be decided on a role by role basis?
    - time & cost implications
Timothy Daynes UK HR Manager ENERCON Services UK Ltd
15.05 Afternoon Refreshments
15.35 Recruitment In An International Industry – Methods for Attracting International Candidates & Filling International Roles Proficiently

·        Identifying international wind hiring markets

o       Where can we find the required skills?

o       Identifying differences in technical standards

o       Cultural challenges and motivating factors


·        Sourcing and attracting international candidates

o       Passive v Active Candidates

o       Identifying and utilising different recruitment channels internationally

o       General challenges for a global HR / Recruitment function


·        Avoiding expatriate failure

o       Through the recruitment process

o       Remuneration expectations

o       During induction and post-induction


Sefton Owens Director & Co-founder Igloo3 Ltd
16.05 Techniques For Coping With The Lack Of Experience In A Young Industry In An Already Competitive Market SKILLS GAP

  • Identifying current skill gaps in the market
  • Forward planning recruitment strategies
    how far ahead should you plan?
    what factors should you take into account?
  • What safety net procedures can be implemented to prevent delays in projects due to them being understaffed when vacancies are undersubscribed?
16.50 Day 1 Closing Remarks