Forum, 26-27-28 November 2012, São Paulo, Brazil

Programme / programa

28 Nov - Wind Resource
27 Nov
26 Nov
26 Nov
08.30 Registration & Morning Coffee
08.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks
09.00 Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico (ONS)’s Perspective On The Technological And Regulatory Improvements To The Grid To Secure Successful Operations

  • Overview of the grid infrastructure systems in Brazil
  • Technological and regulatory improvements to ensure installations\’ connection to the grid and the power system security
  • The need to speed up installations implementation schedules and overcome environmental issues
Hermes Chipp Director General ONS
09.30 Update From EPE’s On Developments On Licensing

Hear from Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE) and understand the critical considerations to obtain approval for your wind energy projects in Brazil and next steps to consider to avoid operational delays.

  • What are the critical requirements to get approval for your wind energy project?
  • Obtain detailed information about the stage of the transmission line system to mitigate the risks for your wind energy project
  • What is needed to push forward the growth of wind energy in the regulated market?
Mauricio Tomalsquin President EPE
10.15 CAF’s Perspective On How To Successfully Secure Funding For Your Wind Energy Project
  • Role of the CAF in supporting wind energy projects in Brazil and other countries in the region 
  • Current challenges faced  to provide funding for wind energy projects in Brazil
  • The latest investments in wind energy projects in Brazil and across Latin America
  • How to secure funding for wind energy projects from the CAF?
Moira Paz-Estenssoro Director CAF
11.00 Refreshments & Networking Break
11.40 Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica (CCEE): Outlook on the Brazilian Free Energy Market

  • Current outlook of the free energy market and the business opportunities
  • Explore the existing processes and ways to commercialize wind energy in the free energy market
  • Discover the key factors to secure successful operations in the free market
  • Uncover the future improvements in the Brazilian free market to better plan your actions
Luciano Freire Conselho de Administração CCEE
12.20 Latest Investments & Policy Trends In The Wind Energy Market Locally And Globally

  • Where are the current investments locally and globally?
  • What are the latest policy trends within the region?
  • Analysis of the results of the latest research on Wind LATAM
  • Updated forecast for the Brazilian wind energy market both in terms of new installation and manufacturing
  • Outlook of the Merging & Acquisition processes and its impact on the structure of Brazilian wind energy market
Maria Gabriela da Rocha Oliveira Head of Latin America Research & Analysis Bloomberg New Energy Finance
12.50 Networking Lunch Break
14.00 BNDES’ Perspective On How To Successfully Secure Funding For Your Wind Energy Project

  • What is the BNDES current role in supporting renewable energy projects in Brazil and other countries?
  • The bilateral agreements in the region and their impacts on the growth of renewables
  • What are the latest investments in renewable energy projects to date?
  • Analysis the key aspects for creating sustainable wind energy projects
Antonio Carlos de Andrada Tovar Head of Alternative Energy BNDES
14.30 Panel Discussion – What Are The Key Requirements From Private Investors And Multilateral Agencies To Secure Funding For Your Wind Energy Project?

  • How to make your wind energy project attractive to private funding institutions
  • Discover what private investors need from a wind project to provide funding
  • Best practice to maximise opportunities to get funding for your wind energy project
  • What level of confidence do investors currently have in wind resource assessment techniques and measurements?
  • How can the confidence be improved?

If you would like to join this panel, please contact Raihan Chowdhury on or call +44 (0)20 8267 4337

Joan Aymami Vice President of International Business AWS Truepower LLC
Eduardo Klepacz Vice President Santander
Moira Paz-Estenssoro Director CAF
15.00 Technology Snapshot: Wind Energy Successes In Europe And How The Latin American Market Can Learn From It

  • What were the main challenges of wind energy in Europe and how were they overcome?
  • Uncover the key factors that positioned Europe as the global leader in wind energy developments to determine if they are applicable in Latin America
  • Discover the latest technological advancements that have boost the growth of wind energy in Europe to assess the implications of utilizing this technology in the climate conditions that exist in LATAM
  • The current status of wind farms in Europe and where the onshore market is heading
Everaldo Feitosa President Eólica Tecnologia
15.40 Refreshments & Networking Break
16.10 DESA’s Perspective On Its Successful Operations In All Markets Of Wind Energy In Brazil

  • Overview of company’s operations in the Proinfa, regulated and free energy market
  • Identify the critical resources required to operate effectively
  • Strategies and solutions implemented to overcome the challenges
Antonio Curioni Director DESA
16.40 Criteria For The Use Of Locally Manufactured Equipment & Review Of The Latest Technological Advancements Designed For The Region’s Climate Conditions

  • Overview of the climate conditions 
  • Discover the latest technology advancements to maximise production
  • How to make sure your new equipment is compliant?
  • Evaluate the benefits that new technologies can provide to improve operations and cost effectiveness
Eduardo Lopes Director Wobben Windpower
17.10 Close of Day 1 & Networking Drinks Reception