Contract Risk Management

Two Day Forum, 19-20 March 2013, Contract Design Workshop 21 March 2013, London, UK

Improving contract design & negotiation to reduce risks & costs & improve project delivery timelines

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As more offshore wind projects go into the construction phase, risk management is increasing as a primary concern for developers and contractors.  The offshore wind market is learning from more mature industries such as oil and gas in many respects and contracting strategies is no different.  If offshore wind is going to remain a viable option for investors, then cost cutting must begin at the contracting stage.

How can developers, contractors & sub-contractors work together to better avoid delays?  Who is responsible when delays occur?  How can you reduce the amount of risk in your contract?

On 19-20 March 2013 Windpower Monthly will bring together developers, contractors, suppliers & lawyers to define best practice in this crucial area of offshore wind.  This unique event will combine legal know-how & technical knowledge, providing you with the tools you need to write a strong contract.

Over 20 industry leaders and top experts will provide valuable information and insights on:

  • Effective procurement strategies to reduce risk in your supply chain
  • Innovative contract structures adapted from the oil & gas industry
  • How to negotiate a contract & clarify liability
  • Best practice for interface management
  • How to reduce risk by understanding multi-contract insurance
  • Proactive risk management strategies for risk distribution
  • Tips to identify common risks & how to reduce their impact on the construction of your wind farm

Attend the Contract Risk Management Forum in March 2013 and get your legal & technical questions answered by leading peers that have faced the same challenges as you.